Blog Love

I'm sure I have forgotten many since there is so many awesome vegan blogs out there but here is a list of some of my favourites!

Check out Celine's beautiful photography and witty musings at

Join Tamasin for a cookalong and see some sneak peeks at that sandwich book at

Carla Kelly is sharing recipes and sneak peeks at her upcoming books and more at

Kelly Peloza's blogs (she keeps up two of them!) are both amazing and are full of colorful photos of delicious food. Check her out at and

Katie is another Ottawan (is that a word?) like me and has an awesome blog with lots of yummy food like Pumpkin Black Bean know you want some of those! Check her out at

The newest Ottawa vegan blog on the block is from Amanda over at She's just starting out and already has a drool-worthy recipe posted!

Check out Me'Shell's blog and while you are at it join in on the Canadian Edition of Vegan Food Swap! You will have so much fun! Here's the link for the swap signup and information

Hannah Kaminsky is such a talented person, you have seen her photos all over VegNews Magazine and on her blog you can get even more and recipes!

Alicia Simpson has two blogs going as well and I hear she is going to be doing both for this year's MoFo. Check them out at  and she veganizes Paula Deen recipes!

Joni's blog is full of all the things I want to eat when I'm feeling like a treat. Check it out at

Everyone loves the Post Punk Kitchen! I make the Spaghetti-Nos With Mini Lentil Meatballs all the time! And there is so much more too...

Our Hen House is full of information and entertainment! They have a podcast where they talk about interesting people, events and happenings in the world and the site is full of information on how to help the animals. Check iTunes for the podcast or go to to see it all!

If you want a sarcastic, witty take on the world and veganism, you have to check out VeganSaurus. They have book reviews, completely original editorial pieces, recipes and links to awesome blogs out there and they feature veggie kids on there too (like mine!). They are all that and a bag of Dandies so head over to

Meet the Shannons is another favourite of mine! They are veganizing the Betty Crocker Cookbook and making all kinds of other yummy goodness and sharing the recipes of course!

Kaycee has an awesome blog that is full of recipes and lots of other vegan related goodness like the best vegan apps or homemade doggie treats! She also just started up a vegan pen pal program so if that's something you would be interested in, definitely check out

Sorta like Groupon but better since its all vegan! Show your support for some great vegan companies at

Of course you have to go see Vegan Dad's blog! He's living in Northern Ontario proving you can be vegan anywhere and shares all kinds of delicious recipes and tips on veganizing recipes. He's baking his way through The Bread Bakers' Apprentice and while he can't share the actual recipes, he is sharing what he did to make it vegan. Go see him at!

Sometimes a vegan just wants to be lazy, maybe you just want to open the freezer and still have something yummy for supper...well The Laziest Vegans in the World goes out and tries all those vegan friendly convenience foods and lets you know which ones to spend your hard earned dollars on. He also interviews noteable vegans about their favourite treats!

Ottawa vegans unite! The National Capitol Vegetarian Association has a blog with recipes and updates on local activities/events. Keep yourself informed of all the goings on at

Maybe it's because they are based in St. John's, NF (my hometown!), or maybe they're just awesome. Either way you need to check out T.O.F.U. magazine! You can pay what you like for digital copies and read about veg friendly cities, recipes, tips and more.

Last one isn't a blog, it's a store! Viva Vegan (formerly Viva Granola) is where I get all those fancy vegan items I can't find here in Ottawa like Dandies, Field Roast and Go Max Go bars! They have lots of yummy stuff and also carry books, personal care items and more!