Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Around the World in 80 Plates: Russia

Another one from Vegan Eats World today (did you order your copy yet??) this time from Russia! It's called Shchi or Sauerkraut Mushroom Soup served up with Coriander Rye Muffins. It's another hearty fall soup filled with mushrooms, sauerkraut, carrots, potatoes and more all mixed into a veggie broth and spiced with caraway and marjoram. It's one of those soups that warms you up from the inside that you want after walking outside on a cool fall day (which it definitely is here today). I served them up with another recipe from Vegan Eats World, Coriander Rye Muffins which are super quick to put together but give you the flavour of rye bread to eat with your soup. Also try it with the Sour Dilly Cream which isn't pictured here but was in there after. I loved it so much I want to put it on everything (p.s. it goes great with Epic Potato Pierogi, also in the book) and again it's super quick to put together. If you want a chance to win a copy, don't forget to check out this post ( and leave a comment! And remember it's open worldwide so any one can enter!


  1. I'm dying to make this soup, but my husband is not at all the sauerkraut enthusiast that I am. Is the sauerkraut flavor pretty prominent in the flavor of the soup?

  2. That's a tricky one since I lve sauerkraut. I wouldn't say so but sometimes when you don't like something it's like all you can taste even if others can't. I do recommend it...maybe half the kraut?