Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pierogi Making

One thing that being vegan has really taught me is about trying new things and putting a little more effort in in the kitchen. I don't spend all day on every meal but I definitely have learn a few new recipes that take a little more time. We love the pierogi from Vegan Brunch so much that I don't just make a batch...I make four or five times the recipe and freeze them for quicker weeknight pierogi cravings. Mac calls these potato pockets and requests them often. I have slightly changed the recipe over time since I'm trying to sneak in as much nutrition as possible when he likes something so now while boiling the potatoes I add in a head of cauliflower and a can or two of Eden Organics Garbanzo Beans. Mac doesn't notice and now I can't eat mashed potatoes without these additions any time because they don't taste right without. I made a big batch on the weekend and took pictures along the way. Here is a pictorial day in the life of a pierogi.

Rolling out the dough and cutting into perfect little circles

I've worked up to being able to handle six at a time

Giant bowl of mashed potato...nom!

The station I set up when I'm ready to fill

Pierogi army all lined up

We like them a little bit fried in olive oil

Mac getting ready to dig in

Finished plate - served up with peas, sauteed cabbage and onions and a simple dipping sauce
of Vegenaise, horseradish, lemon juice, paprika, cayenne and S&P

MMMMM! Get in my belly!


  1. Gorgeous post, I love operationalized photos! (I have a tendency to do them, too :-)

    And I have homemade sauerkraut ready to go for these...just need more potatoes!

    I forgot about you from MoFo, glad I checked the feed today :-))

    Vegan Fazool blog

  2. It is so so so so handy to have these in the freezer. I should cook like you more often.

  3. That looks fantastic.

    And such a great idea to make a bunch (and put beans and cauliflower in the potato mix!).

  4. I love pierogi. Those look fab!

  5. Hey Kelly, I'm going to make these tomorrow night! Do you chop up the chickpeas prior to throwing them in the mashed potato mix? Would you recommend 1 can or 2 for trying to trick a fiance who swears he doesn't like beans. :)

    1. I throw the chickpeas in with the potatoes for the full boil. The Eden Organics ones are a bit toothsome so they handle the boil well. Then I just mash it all together. I make a bunch at a time so I use two cans but you could start slow and add more to up his tolerance. Mac knows they are in there now and picks them out and says mmm chickpeas. Maybe that will inspire Roo. Hehe!