Thursday, February 16, 2012

Testing Sweet and Savoury Jackfruit Carnitas

I'm still testing for Terry Hope Romero's newest project and I'm telling you...I'm really enjoying these tastes from around the world. This book is going to be epic! Just this weekend I made her Sweet and Savoury Jackfruit Carnitas and oh boy were they delicious. I love carnitas and have made them a few times now since being vegan, always with jackfruit because it really does mimic the texture you would expect. And once you caramelize it a little in a cast iron pan, it really does look exactly like what I made pre-vegan (almost eerily so). These were definitely a favourite of ours from this testing and will get made again for sure!

A carnita feast served up with shredded cabbage, tomatoes, salsa, guacamole, warm corn tortillas, pickled onions, and rice

The star of the show

I love pickled onions (also a test for Terry)

You even need two tortillas to hold it all in!


  1. you're so lucky to be a recipe tester! this looks awesome, i can't wait to hear more :) i added this to:


  2. I tested these tacos too, and they are so good! Luckily, there's just two of us in my family, and so that has meant plenty of delicious leftovers. I'd never worked with jackfruit before, but it was a surprisingly easy process. I look forward to trying it with different spices and sauces.

  3. COOL! I have this on my list to make/test as well. My first jackfruit experience, cannot wait ^_^