Sunday, August 26, 2012

Reviewing Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day! by Celine Steen and Tamasin Noyes

I'm guessing you know that I love Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day! by Tamasin Noyes and Celine Steen by now. I'm hoping you have a copy ordered already but if you don't you can always take a moment to go leave a comment and enter to win a copy here (

First off, I can't say enough about how amazing and wonderful this book is. These two incredibly talented women came together and made some serious sandwich magic. The book itself if beautiful and full of Celine's mouthwatering photography. It makes you want to reach into the book and grab one. The book has a sandwich for everyone with all kinds of different flavour combinations and global inspiration. Some are ones you have heard of, some are completely new creations that you wouldn't have ever thought of but are so glad that Celine and Tami did.

I was lucky enough to test for this cookbook which means awhile back all I ate was sandwiches for a few months. I was a dedicated tester for you...okay for me but you guys totally reap the benefits in the long run. I won't lie...most of the time my comments consisted solely of  "OH MY GOODNESS! I LOVE IT!!! BEST SANDWICH EVER!" but I feel it helped Tami and Celine get the best recipes possible to you in this book. I'm not lying when I say previous to this book, I loathed seitan...I thought it was tasteless and bready but then along came No Cluck Cutlets and Moo-Free Seitan and I was converted. These have become staples in my house being made by the double batch and handily frozen for future use. The tempeh bacon also changed my mind on something I thought I didn't like, tempeh. I became a tempeh lover after trying out their tempeh bacon and the Country Sausage Breakfast Sandwich. I realized I didn't like flavourless tempeh but loved it when it was marinated and baked/pan fried. I now crave tempeh and twitter about it endlessly. These are just the staples...Tami and Celine expertly combine these staples (and others of course) with spreads, breads and veggies to make the most delicious sandwiches ever. I realize some people might think, "What's so hard about making a vegan sandwich?" but really sandwiches were one food that I always loved prevegan but had a hard time figuring out what to do with once I ditched the meat and cheese.

Some of my favourites from the book are:

- the Unfishwich which totally surprised me because I haven't eaten fish since I was four and figured out that fishstick=fish and I didn't want to eat fish. They are crispy on the outside, tasty and well seasoned on the inside thanks to a seasoned marinade and are accompanied by one of the most delicious dressings and crisp cucumber slices. We just had them again recently with the whole family and everyone said they were super good!

- Maple Nut Pie Wafflewich which is basically like eating pecan pie on a waffle for breakfast. You can serve it with another waffle on top but I love it open faced with lots of topping!! It is buttery, sweet and nutty and great for a special breakfast or any day ending in the letter Y.

- Hollandaze'd Asparagus Rounds were a big surprise to me too. I have never tried Hollandaise sauce and always thought it was...well yucky. Turns out it is really tasty especially when combined with roasted asparagus.

 - Greek Burgers shown here topped with roasted potato wedges but since testing I have made them many times and topped them with all kinds of stuff. The best combo is tomato, lettuce, red onion and a few kalamata olives. I've even cut them up and made them into a wrap on a thick Greek style pita. They are the best flavoured seitan I've had. They are bold and the seasonings you put in them actually shine through.

- The Chickpea Shawarma is another one I have made again and again since testing! Marinated, roasted chickpeas make an excellent filling in this wrap which are combined with a most scrumptious tahini based dressing and fresh veggies for a healthy light lunch.

- Party Monster!!! I was just telling Tami the other day that every time I talk about this sandwich I feel the need to yell the name out (for the record it has to sound like Ozzy in the beginning of Crazy Train). This sandwich is of epic proportions and full of delicious vegan deli slices and veggies. It is great for parties because you can serve it up room temp or hot and it makes a lot in one go.

- Pan Bagnat was a sandwich I hadn't head of previous to testing but I'm so glad we were introduced. This mammoth sandwich is stuffed with all sorts of veggies (like asparagus and portobellos) and is drizzled with the perfect vinaigrette. It's another one that you can make for a party since it is best made ahead and holds nicely and's huge!!

- The Banh Mi was one that I really didn't think I would love so much but I did and now I crave it all the time. The mix of the quickly pickled veggies, seasoned Moo-Free Seitan and creamy mayo on a crusty bread is just magic. Now I know what I'm making for supper tonight...

So if you haven't already entered my giveaway, I'm sure you are ready to now! If you aren't the lucky winner, you should definitely pick up a copy and treat yourself to any of the amazing sandwiches in it since it was hard to narrow it down to just these for this post even! This book has so many that I would consider favourites and the great thing is you can mix and match from recipes to create your own signature sandwich creations.

Edited to add: There were some bonus smaller recipes that didn't make the book. Celine has added a page for these and here is the link

Also Tami has a post that corrects any small errors in the book and here is that link


  1. Wow, all of these sandwiches look amazing! I'm especially intrigued by the Greek burgers. Sounds wonderful!

    1. You have to make them! They are seriously amazing! As a wrap, it's kinda like a gyro. Definitely top 10!

  2. Great review! I recently got this book and I wasn't sure where to start, this has given me some good ideas. :D