Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August Vegan Food Swap and A Winner!

Sorry it has taken so long to reveal the winner from last month's giveaway for a copy of Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day! It has been a hectic few days around my house with my mom returning from vacation and getting some much needed bulk cooking out of the way. The freezer is refilled with pierogi for another few meals and we have a bunch of peach jam and butter now too. Next I am planning on making some pickled turnips and something with scapes since I picked up a bag at the Brewer Park Farmer's Market last weekend.

For the draw, I took all the names and put them in one of Mac's many hats (everyone has a hat bucket, right?) and asked him to pick a winner. He picked...Sandra of Vegan Mother Hubbard! All her sandwich work last month has paid off in the form of a free copy of Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day! thanks to the generous publishers of the book at Fair Winds Press! Thank you to all of you that entered, I hope I have inspired you to add this amazing book to your wish list and pick up a copy soon! It really is a must have!

On to my Vegan Food Swap parcel which came a little late this month but it was totally worth the wait! Thank you to Chris at And Mommy Makes Three for the amazing parcel! Mac was literally doing a happy dance when I opened it up and found a bag of Dandies. These are a favourite around here but they are not to be found in Ottawa so we have to mail order them if we get a hankering. Chris also sent along the cutest note I've received! It was a foam hand print covered in animal stickers that I'm guessing her little ones had a hand in and I love it!


Here's a photo of it all tucked in the box it came in. Chris also sent along a bag of Macro Kelp. I will admit I am afraid of it. I'm not very experienced when it comes to sea vegetables. I will have to look online to find out what I am supposed to do with it. Also there was a package of Indian Curry Veggie Ground which I am excited to try. I love Indian spices and flavours and I think this will make a great, quick supper some night soon! And last she included a Vega Sport Protein Bar. Thanks again to Chris! If you would like to join in next month, check out and sign up soon!

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  1. I'm so glad you liked it!
    There are some recipes tucked into the kelp that can get you started. And sometimes, I just toss a strip in with the rice when its cooking. That softens it up, then I cut it up and mix into the rice, great for flavor and micro nutrients.
    I think I'm spoiled here. There are 3 stores walking distance to home that carry Dandies and I can order them with organic food delivery too.
    Hucks is amazing. Great for camping or travel too.