Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Vegan Food Swap

This one is just under the wire before Vegan MoFo starts up tomorrow. I have been cooking away in order to get ahead but have nothing written at all. Yikes!

This month I was sent a parcel from Kim from Canadian Vegan Girl. She was super thorough in sending goodies that were allergen free which I really appreciate.

Kim included a package of Rice Stick Noodles which will definitely come in handy soon for my Mofo theme. A package of Moong Dal which I had never tried before and may take a little getting used to. A bag of Brown Rice Thins Sea Salt flavoured which were crispy and my mom took quite a shine to. A small bag of Hemp Hearts which I love but I will admit am too cheap to buy myself a lot of the time. And a bag of White and Wild Rice that I look forward to trying. When I was little I was a little scared of wild rice but I think I've matured enough to try it out again. There was also a Mango Coconut bar thing...the brand is escaping me right now unfortunately...that we ate up before the picture was taken. Mac and I give it four thumbs up!

Thanks again to Kim for sending us a lovely parcel. If you would like to join in next month head over to Me'Shell in the City and fill out the form.

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