Sunday, November 6, 2011

Goldilocks and the Three Phos

           Once upon a time there was a thirtysomething girl with hair of gold (actually it's more silver than gold these days) and a taste for pho. She had made some life changes and became a vegan and didn't know where to go for pho anymore. Since Goldilocks was a girl who knew what she wanted and couldn't find it, she decided to make it herself. There was only one problem, she had no idea how. 

       Then one day, a wonderful thing happened...a test recipe site came along with promises of flavours from around the world, things Goldilocks had never had before and things Goldilocks was waiting to have again. Things like Pho Noodle Soup with Bok Choy. As soon as Goldilocks spotted it she knew she wanted had to make it! She set out at once to the market and brought back all the ingredients she would need and set to work making a flavourful broth full of aromatic spices. She carefully sliced bok choy into thin shreds, picked the perfect basil and cilantro leaves and prepared rice noodles. She decided it would be even nicer to share her pho so she ladled up a bowl for her mother and husband. 

        Now there were three phos...the biggest one for Daddy, the medium sized one for Goldilocks and the smallest one was just right for Nana (who was afraid of a few of the ingredients). They sat and slurped and enjoyed the complex flavours of the broth mixed with tasty bites of baked tofu and a little oomph from a squeeze of fresh lime juice. They even attempted to eat it using chopsticks, only occasionally opting for a spoon. Goldilocks definitely enjoyed her bowl of pho and so did the others and they lived happily ever after from that day on knowing they could have pho now whenever they wanted thanks to Terry Hope Romero!

The End

P.S. I know that was crazy cheezy but how could I resist looking at those bowls, right?!


  1. More like crazy awesome than crazy cheezy! Fun post, Kelly!

  2. not cheesy at all! i loved it! especially the giggle i got from, "the smallest one was just right for Nana (who was afraid of a few of the ingredients)".

    ps. isn't recipe testing grand? i just noshed on shanghai-style dumplings. for breakfast. :D