Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh so yummy dessert

I'll admit it...we are dessert people. There I said it! Every night after supper we have something, just a little something sweet. Sometimes it's fruit but I won't lie, most of the time its not. Popsicles and Smooze (or push pops as Mac calls them) are a favourite of Mac's. Homemade vegan ice cream is also a favourite. This morning I made Baked Oatmeal Squares by Mama Pea for does this relate to dessert you might ask? Well, it uses half a block of silken tofu I answer to that. And what else do you do with half a block of silken tofu but make homemade vegan ice cream?? Exactly (even though I'm sure there are a million other uses for it)! So today I made some Brown Sugar Cinnamon Ice Cream and served it with Speculoos cookies and oh my gosh it was a match made in my mouth. Mac saw the ice cream, picked up a spoon and asked Daddy "Can you get me a bowl for this spoon?" for which he got a bowl and a big laugh which is a big win for him. Here's a picture just so you can dream about it tonight! And yes, it is rich and creamy and sweet and short, it's delicious!

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