Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Projects for Joni's New Book

I took a small break from blogging the past few days. I was all blogged out from MoFo and we had to concentrate on eating up that Candy Land. I can't believe how many people have checked it out and commented. It's really amazing to have all that love come at you for something you love to do. Thank you all, you definitely made my month!

This morning I got up and at it early and made myself some of Joni's recipes for her new book that I am testing for. I started off with a batch of Banana Nut Bread and followed with a batch of Candied Nuts. The Banana Nut bread is so quick to make and it looks so cute in the home made loaf pans Joni made for the book. I made these ones out of parchment paper but you can make them out of all kinds of papers depending on your use and preference. They are so easy to make once you learn the technique too! Mac helped me mix up the banana bread and patiently (haha!) waited for it to bake and cool so we could have a taste. He licked the bowl while he waited and assured me that it was going to be good. It is tasty too with raisins and nuts in there and lots of banana flavour too!

The Candied Nuts were so easy to make and seriously took about 20 minutes including the 10 minutes they spent in the oven and the taste is incredible! I can't believe how little effort I had to put in to make them to get such a delicious snack! I made a little square parchment box to put them in using the same technique as the loaf pans above. I think they would make a great home made gift for someone or a hostess gift if you are into that kind of thing. They would be great sprinkled on top of ice cream too!


  1. That's so cool that you can fold your own loaf pans! I want to try that sometime.