Monday, October 10, 2011

My First (Blogged) Vegan Thanksgiving

So what does a vegan have for Thanksgiving? Well for us this year we can be thankful because we definitely had plenty. On Saturday morning, Ryan, Mac and I went to the local farmer's market and picked up some delicious locally grown veggies. We even found Brussels sprouts still on the stalk so I had to have those! The lettuce, tomatoes and the tomatillos weren't used for Thanksgiving but they will definitely get used in something soon.

The first vegan Thanksgiving I had, I remember being frantic about what to have. I wasn't sure how the non-vegans would handle the lack of "tradition" but then I thought about what really makes the holiday (or any holiday for that matter) and realized it's not about what you are eating, it's about being together. I maybe had to remind my mom of this a few times in the early stages of my veganism but I never minded because I know those familiar food memories run deep and can be hard to get past. I've never been one for strict tradition anyways...we've had lasagna for Christmas dinner before!

This year was a lot more relaxed for me. I know my family enjoys what I cook and I stress less about them missing something and just make something I know they can't resist! My mom and I were cooking and prepping for about a day and a half but it was all worth it because it tasted so good! We had French lentils with roasted vegetables (cabbage, mushrooms, rutabaga, carrot, onion and shallots), mashed caulipots (cauliflower+potatoes), carrots mashed with rutabaga (maybe a Newfie thing), green beans, dressing (or stuffing, dressing seems again to be a Newfie thing), homemade rolls, roasted vegetable gravy, Brussels sprout salad and pickled beets (the last two didn't make the picture but were so good too). Quite a plate, my eyes were definitely bigger than my belly too since I couldn't finish all that I took.

Then there was dessert of course! We had pumpkin pie which is a favourite of Ryan's but I had never tried it before or made it. I also made some apple fritters and maple pecan ice cream thinking that Mac wouldn't want to try the pumpkin pie (or in case I was right about it all this time) but he tried it and said it was good but only wanted one bite and then was looking for apple fritters. I served the pumpkin pie with some Healthy Top and candied pecans which worked really well with the spicy pumpkin filling. I'm totally a convert on this pie now. I was always a little afraid of it but in the spirit of trying new things I gave it a go and really enjoy it. The recipe I used for the filling (which was recommended to me on Twitter by @JoytheVegan) is by Bryanna Clark Grogan and it isn't tofu based and it's so deliciously spiced. It was like the best pumpkin spice latte turned into a pie! The pastry is from the Joy of Vegan Baking by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau which everyone should have a copy of. The fritters were a test recipe from Hearty Vegan that didn't make the book unfortunately. I was very happy to have saved the recipe in my testing binder so I could have them today.

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who is celebrating it this long weekend! We definitely enjoyed our day of playing Candy Land, looking through photos, cooking and eating and spending time with our amazing family.


  1. Gorgeous meal! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! That all looks so good... you had me from picture 1. Sprouts on the stalk! Tomatillos! And such a pile of tomatoes! Yummmm.

    Pie & fritters look amazing too.

  3. That's an awesome first vegan Thanksgiving!

  4. That plate of food looks amazing, I want it now! Also, apple fritters, hell yes, I wish the recipe was in the book!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Your plate of food made me very jealous.

  6. Well done--and everything tasted as good as it looks!