Saturday, October 22, 2011

My First Test Recipe for Terry Hope Romero's New Book

I'm so excited to be testing for Terry Hope Romero's newest book project. It is all kinds of dishes from all over the world and I am so ready to try out some new things! Tonight I made two of the recipes for one big Indian inspired meal. First was Golden Tandoori Baked Tofu.

It was so tasty! Creamy and rich, spicy and bold, just a really amazing combination of flavours. It was so easy too! I had it all prepped and in the oven in like 20 minutes then the oven did the rest.

Then I made Shredded Cabbage with Toasted Mustard Seeds which was also really delicious.

It went really well with the tandoori baked tofu but would also rock any picnic or party spread. These two made quite a first impression...both Ryan and I were in love with both of these and can't wait to try out more!


  1. Exciting! That shredded cabbage dish looks divine! Can't wait until the book is out!

  2. Oh wow that looks so amazing and comforting!