Sunday, October 16, 2011

My First Pop Tart...oh wait, Make That Failed Pop Tart

A little while back my in-laws were in Toronto so I hit them up with my wish list from Williams-Sonoma. I have a bit of a problem with collecting kitchen gadgets and appliances, just ask my overstuffed kitchen/make shift pantry room (that is supposed to be our formal dining room). This time, I just absolutely needed a toaster pastry press and lucky for me, my mother-in-law indulged me and picked one up for me. I kept thinking I should try it but never found the time until I dreamt up the idea to make a S'mores Pop Tart recipe up for the Chicago Soydairy Contest to win a years supply of Dandies. I pictured a graham cracker like pastry with little pieces of Dandies and mini chocolate chips inside that would all mix together when I baked it and a drizzle of chocolate on top once it cooled. Sounds good in theory right but unfortunately didn't work in practice. Here's what I got when it baked.

Tasted awesome, even had the browned marshmallow part but the presentation leaves a little to be desired. Can't see it going in the toaster either. Ryan and I grabbed a fork and dug in but obviously I would have to go back to the drawing board. I had forgotten to account for the incredible growing power of the Dandies. My second attempt involved melting the Dandies with a bit of margarine like I was making Rice Krispie squares and then putting a big spoonful of it on the pastry. It looked like it was working at first but then it exploded out again. I am stumped about how to get it to work but I did come up with a new idea to try based on this whole experience...stay tuned!

And just like the old saying goes...when life gives you failed marshmallow experiments, make S'mores! I baked the rest of the pastry like graham crackers and spooned some of the melted Dandies on, topped with some mini chocolate chips (which melted from the heat of the melted Dandies) and another cracker. Mac had his without chocolate of course and this was his first S'more! Not very original but still very tasty and especially exciting to a four year old that loves marshmallows!

Mac's First S'more
And extra Dandies of course!


  1. Failure or not, I'd eat that! Multiple times probably.

  2. Oh no! I'm glad you still had marshmallows left to make s'mores though.

  3. Ordered four bags luckily! Lots of Dandies left.