Friday, October 28, 2011

My First Frito Pie

So over Vegan MoFo, I have been introduced to so many new blogs and new kinds of foods. I took a special interest in Lazy Vegan Smurf's blog post about Frito Pie. I had no idea this existed but once I did I had to try it! Today when I was doing the weekly restock, I spotted a bag of Fritos so it was fate that today be the day I tried out this dish. I decided to have it for lunch but only because I had a frozen bag of chili up in the freezer so I knew I could get it together pretty quickly. I mixed up a batch of cheesy sauce from Hearty Vegan (the one used in the Irish Nachos, it's my favourite), warmed up my chili, chopped up a bit of onion and pickled jalapeno and bust open that bag of Fritos like it was Christmas. Check out this plate of delicious!

I'm not really sure what one serving of this is supposed to look like but this was mine...all mine!!! I had a little Tofutti sour cream on the side because those jalapenos are hot (but I like it!). It is seriously one of the best junk food things I've ever eaten! I thought it would be just like Chili Cheese Nachos but the Fritos really make it special. It's crunchy and spicy and cheesy and sooo good, trust me you need this in your life! Next time I will definitely try the recipe for Texas Chili from the Sunny Days in Texas Zine because it looks super yummy and I hear is award winning! (by the way you should totally go buy a zine, I did and it is full of great recipes and adorable animal pictures if you get the colour version and all the money goes to Sunny Days Farms Animal Sanctuary!)

I ate up/inhaled the whole plate and then thought about my husband who was going to be very jealous that I had this for lunch without him...uh oh! I then realized I had enough left over chili and cheese sauce to make him up a plate later. But then something amazing came into my mind...Frito Pie Burgers! So, tonight I made some Gardein burgers (super yum!) and topped Ryan's off with a handful of Fritos, a big scoop of chili, smothered that in yummy cheesy sauce and sprinkled the top with chopped onions. Ryan took one bite, then another, then another...I'm like "soooo....?" and he says "Sorry I was too distracted with all this...eating...nom...." and he went back to eating. It's a hit! I did manage to scam a bite and it is really awesome as a burger too. It has a nice crunch from the chips and all that cheesy sauce oozing out the sides was just right. I know he will be requesting this one again and there will be no arguments from me!

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  1. I'm so glad that I turned you onto some extreme vegan junk food! Come visit in Texas and you can get it at a bunch of restaurants....sometimes served in a frito bag. Classy!!