Friday, September 23, 2011

Anyone tried this??

I was browsing the new products at one of my favourite online stores, Karmavore, and found something that really piqued my interest but I'm curious if anyone out there has tried it. Its called VegeRen from Just Wholefoods. I will most likely end up ordering it just so I can try it since it's pretty inexpensive. It's funny too because I swear last week I was saying to my husband, "how come they can't just add the same thing to soymilk and separate curds and whey and make cheese?" and it seems like this is what this product is promising. Vegan cottage cheese? Vegan cheese curds....for vegan poutine?


  1. Oh wow! That looks like it would be a great thing to play with. Thanks!

  2. I just ordered it yesterday. I should get it in about a week. I will definitely be trying it out and will be posting on it!