Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quick Peek at some of my testing for Tami and Celine

I know that Celine didn't know it when she asked me to help test a new project of hers that I love sandwiches but now she does! I absolutely adored sandwiches and would eat them often before I went vegan. Then I kinda didn't know what to do anymore. What does a vegan put in a sandwich anyways? Well, Celine Steen and Tamasin Noyes have teamed up to show you exactly how to make vegan sandwiches that will have anyone drooling! I have been lucky enough to be testing for this upcoming book and I have been taking major advantage of all of their great ideas and tasty recipes. I've made over 50 sandwiches so far and I only started testing in July. I actually had one day where I had one of their sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They haven't just stopped at sandwich as a noun, they have also used it as a verb and I think it's wonderful! They have introduced me to tempeh which I had only had twice before and wasn't truly in love but now...oh wow, now...I'm smitten! I want tempeh all the time, especially the Tempeh Bacon from this book. I also learned that I love eggplant...who knew!? I think that's a great thing I have learned since becoming vegan, now I will try anything and have found so many foods that I snubbed before that I love now. It's been a real eye opener. Here's a few photos of the sandwiches I have been making, obviously not all of them or we would be here all day but these are some of my favourites so far.
Carnitas Sandwich made with jackfruit and avocado on the side....sooo delicious!
In a Pinch Subwich which has now become a staple in my house for quick sandwiches and is excellent when made with Field Roast Smoked Tomato Slices!
Country Sausage Sandwich which is the sandwich where my love for tempeh started. It's on homemade english muffins (recipe from Tami's blog) with arugula, an awesome sauce and hashbrowns!
Chow Mein Sandwich and I know you're thinking it's crazy and it is...crazy DELICIOUS!
Bananas Foster Cake Sandwich, just to show you it's not all savoury and this is the best kind of sweet! Just looking at this picture is bringing me back to tasting it and it was fricken amazing!
Tempeh Bacon frying up on the griddle...so perfectly smoky, sweet, crisp and delicious! There have definitely been more and I will be sharing those as well but here's the first taste. I'm telling you, I haven't tested one thing that has disappointed and Ryan has, on almost every sandwich occasion, taken two or three bites and started looking around if there was enough to make another. These are some serious sandwiches from two seriously amazing women!

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