Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mini Food

I don't know what it is about miniature sized treats and food that make it so darn irresistible?! Is it because you can eat a couple of them and not feel guilty? I think it plays into the little kid in all of us. I know every time I see a picture in a magazine of a dessert table with all kinds of mini desserts I audibly swoon. I was watching Top Chef Just Desserts last night (US readers...we're behind yours up here in Canada) and they had this quickfire to make a single bite dessert that would possibly inspire a new flavour of dessert gum. I was seriously in love with all the little dishes they were given to serve in and wanted to jump into the TV to grab them. I love the idea too of having to pack in all the flavours into one little bite, intense! Inspired by that and my love of all things miniature, I made some mini muffins and some mini pancakes over the past few days. Here's some pictures! I think I might even attempt some other treats mini sized over MoFo, so keep an eye out for that.

Those mini pancakes are a recipe I use pretty much every week from Hearty Vegan by Celine Steen and Joni Marie Newman. If you don't own this book already, you totally should go order it right now even if it's just for these pancakes (although I know the whole book is awesome)!

Here's my regular sized ones. I always make at least a double batch and they freeze amazingly so it makes for quick, on-hand breakfasts!

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