Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mmm is for Muffaletta

Last night I made yet another sandwich for testing! This time it was the Muffaletta and it was impressive both in taste and stature. It has a quick made giardiniera, vegan cold cuts, arugula and other veggies and is all built inside a round loaf. I had never had giardiniera before so I have no comparison but I know it was tasty! It added a nice crunch to the sandwich and it's pickling liquid was also the dressing for the sandwich as well. It always amazes me as a mayo lover when a sandwich can come together without it and not feel like it's missing something. I had a little fun with this one as I was assembling it. I looked at it once I put the top piece of the bread on and thought it looked like it had a mouth and then I remembered these little cupcake picks I had bought on the weekend and had to do it. My husband bust out laughing when I showed him which caught the attention if my son who came running and also bust out laughing! Hope it gives someone else a chuckle too! It is as close to eating something with a face as we will come! I am also posting a shot of the slice of Muffaletta so you can check out all the layers of goodness and check out just how impressive this sandwich is!

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  1. This post just makes me happy! That face photo is so fun!