Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Tester Pictures from Sandwich Testing

Today I was going through the pictures I have from sandwich testing and even though they weren't that long ago, it feels like forever since I ate some of these. I think it has more to do with how many sandwiches we have had since than anything. Here's a few more of my favourites!
These bad boys are Hot Brown Sandwiches! I had only heard of these on Food Network, never actually had one but these are fricken delicious! Those tofu bits you see on there are just about the best thing I have ever joke! It was hard to keep any for the sandwiches since Ryan and I were both munching on them while I was prepping the rest.
After falling in love with tempeh while testing the Country Sausage Sandwich (pictured in my earlier post) I decided I had to try the Mediterranean Tempeh Sandwich! It was full of sun dried tomatoes, olives and the like that you would expect in a Mediterranean sandwich and then the nuttiness of the tempeh with it and then grill it....SO GOOD! It is like your mouth is having a party! Just typing this makes me wanna go make another one...

Forgive my slightly dark photo and let me introduce you to the One World Reuben. This is a take on the classic Reuben with flavours from all over the world and they all worked so well together! I had never had a Reuben before but I was excited to try out this one, especially since it features the "beefy" seitan that I have fallen in love with from this book. It's also on dark rye and grilled as well so you get a nice crunch on the outside! It might have been my first Reuben but it certainly won't be my last!
This super gigantic sandwich deserves two pictures! You know sometimes when you get a club sandwich and they hold it together with a toothpick...this bad boy needed a shish kabob skewer! It was so big that I only attempted to eat half of it but Ryan went all in and polished off the whole thing. I joked that you should get a t-shirt for finishing one on the test boards! It's called a Dagwood by the way, just like the Blondie comic strips where he used to make those leaning towers of sandwich. It has vegan cold cuts, tempeh bacon, lots of veggies and a quick spread and it is so tasty! I think anything with that tempeh bacon would taste great but it really did all work together and was obviously super satisfying!
Now, it's hard to pick favourites because seriously all of the sandwiches have been so good but this one is special. This is the Marinated Eggplant Tofu Sandwich and its scrumptious! I had always been a little intimidated by eggplant. It's a little tough and I had heard rumours that it was a bit bitter but this sandwich proved that all wrong. The eggplant is brushed with a spicy mix then browned and then you let it chill out for a bit. The tofu is marinated and browned and then it somehow tastes alot like chicken. Then you mix the two on a soft roll with a bit of mayo and lettuce and it makes sweet magic together. It is seriously addictive too! I was wandering around Costco the next day and found myself buying a big ol' pack of eggplant to make it again and did that next day! This is one that even my mom (albeit minus the tofu) is in love with.
Okay enough teasing with photos of delicious sandwiches for now...I'm off to make another one for supper that I'm sure you will be seeing soon!

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