Monday, September 19, 2011

Supper Tonight: Something Blackened This Way Comes

Tonight I was testing sandwiches again for Celine and Tami. Tonight's test was Something Blackened This Way Comes which I was totally drawn to initally by it's name. It has a blackened "chicken" cutlet with a fresh tomato salad and spicy mayo all on a toasted bun! So delicious! And these "chicken" cutlets are like no other. When I made them the other day the house smelled like Thanksgiving. They are juicy and tender and tasty too! Something that I have never really found in a seitan cutlet before. This one was spicy for sure with that spice mix and the mayo but it was that good heat, the one that has flavour to back up the spice level. The salad totally helped take the heat down a little too. I served it with a fresh garden salad with ranch dressing (from American Vegan Kitchen) so that helped cool my mouth down too! Ryan had two so I think he loved it! Haha! Here's a picture so you can drool a little!

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