Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Vegan Baking Day!

I'm really into any reason to celebrate or bake so I was definitely on board when I spied on Twitter that today was Vegan Baking Day. I never really pick what I'm going to make...I go to my little baking guru and get his opinion on what we should make. This morning when I asked "What would you like to bake today with Mommy for Vegan Baking Day?" this huge smile came over his face and he yelled "HOT CROSS BUNS!" My kid loves a good hot cross bun and we have been known to make them other times of the year, after all, they're not just for Easter anymore! Maybe they'll be the next cupcake or macaron!
The recipe I have been using is a modified version of Food Allergy Mama's. Modified after being made so many times that it slowly became customized to how we like our hot cross buns. (Disclaimer - Food Allergy Mama is not vegan and there are recipes for dinner entrees with meat in them on her site, she does however have a lot of baked goods/desserts that are vegan friendly since her son has food allergies to eggs and dairy as well as peanuts, tree nuts and legumes. The link above is direct to the recipe for the hot cross buns)
Mac and I got all of the ingredients out and got to work on our hot cross buns. He lost interest for a bit but always comes back when I'm kneading the dough because he loves to take little pinches off and eats the raw dough. As a dough eater myself, I can understand the compulsion. He also loves to help me knead the dough though it's more like poking it and trying to show me how strong he is as he tries to carry it around the room (Ack! Don't drop the dough!). He is also a little impatient with the whole rising time and baking time. He was ready to eat one as soon as we were done kneading and was a little disappointed that it would have to wait until later in the afternoon to taste them.
After patiently waiting/blowing bubbles, the dough had doubled in the warm place we made for it, we added chopped organic raisins, dried apples and dried apricots into the dough and shaped the buns. Another impatient rise/small nap and then off to the ovens with them! After they cooled, we poured our apple cider icing on top (really I just pour a bunch of icing sugar in a bowl then mix in some apple cider til it looks right) and we don't just go for crosses...not enough icing that way...we pour it on top and let it cover the whole top of them. Mac carefully chooses the one he feels has the most icing and then the best part...WE EAT! Mac always goes for the icing first, devouring the top part before he even moves on to the rest. He ate up a whole one then went looking for his next victim. He even started picking the icing off some of the other ones that were lurking much too close to the hungry four year old...they should know better!
He told me after we have to save some for Nana and Papa for when they come to visit us tomorrow and in his words "then they can eat vegan food and say it's soooooo yummy!" That's my boy!
Happy Vegan Baking Day Everyone!

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